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Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
1. Academic Council 1.         Eng      –          Mrs.Benila

2.         Tamil   –          Mrs.Theresa

3.         Hindi    –          Mrs.Ganga

4.         S.St      –          Mrs.Maria

5.         Science –          Mrs.Vimaleshwari

6.         Computer Science   –   Miss.Aribala

7.         Maths   –          Miss.Suganya



i)          To prepare the list of notebooks for the Academic year.
ii)         To ensure the distribution o f split-up syllabus to students of all classes.
iii)        To monitor the teaching-learning process.
iii)        To monitor the upkeep of CCE documents.
iv)        To monitor the conduct of Remedial class for low achievers.









Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
2. Examination (Internal) 1.         Mrs.Benila(I/C)2.         Mrs.Petchiammal

3.         Miss.Muthulakshmi

4.         Mrs.Princy

5.          Miss. Sarathy

6.         Mrs.BalaDivya

7.        Miss.Karlin

8.         Mrs.Swarna




i)          To conduct internal exams as per the schedule given by calendar of activities.
ii)         To update the Report cards and Mark list format as per the latest CBSE directions.
iii)        To provide CCE registers to various subject teachers.
iv)        To distribute the Timetable for Exam.
v)         To collect Question papers from paper setters, along with Blueprint & Marking scheme.
vi)        To conduct retest as per norms.
vii)       To analyse the Results of internal.




Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
3. CCA 1. Mrs.Jeyaseeli(I/C)

2. Mrs.Subangi.M

3. Miss.Sofia/Rathi

4. Mrs. Shalini


i)          To prepare CCA calendar of Activities.
ii)         To conduct Co-Curricular Activities.
iii)        To ensure the morning assembly programmes are conducted in stipulated time.
iv)        To prepare students for morning assembly.
v)         To ensure the quality of the items presented on stage.
vi)        To ensure the Assembly Register is updated regularly.
vii)       To organise Programmes on Special days.
viii)      To ensure maximum participation of students.
ix)        To organise Annual Day & distribute CCA prizes.











Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
4. Time Table 1.            Ms.Suganya    (I/C)2.            Miss.Salini

3.            Mrs.Deepa

4.            Miss. Ancy Jeba

5.             Mrs.Mercy

6.              Mrs.Swarna

7.              Miss Berjila 


i)          To prepare the School timetable as per the latest guidelines from KVS.
ii)         To make arrangement for teachers on leave & vacant posts.
iii)        To maintain a register for teachers to enter the date of leave in advance wherever possible and to

ensure it is maintained for smooth functioning of the school activities.
iv)        To ensure that Teachers attend their arrangement Periods.
v)         To monitor the presence of Teachers in all the classes if not to remind teachers.
vi)        To make remedial timetable for low achievers.


Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
5. Admission 1.    Mrs.Esther(I/C)2.    Miss.Suganya3.    Miss.Aribala

4.    Miss.Aruna

5. Ms.Salini


i)          To display notice regarding the sale, registration and submission of Admission forms.
ii)         To display forms/Annexure.
iii)        To get the Admission form & Brochures printed.
iv)        Registration , Verification of the Admission forms, preparation of master list, and admission of students

v)         To give information regarding Registration & Admission to the Correspondent.










Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
6. Library 1.           Mrs.Princy2.           Mrs.Mary


i)          To purchase books as per guidelines.
ii)         The suggestion from staff members for purchase of new books to be taken.
iii)        To ensure books are circulated as per the requirement of students & staff members as per Library rules.
iv)        Books should not remain with same individual for a long period when there is a demand for it from others.
v)         Library should be open during lunch time for students to read books & magazines.
vi)        Students should be encouraged to write Book Review.
vii)       Guidance & Counselling corner or table to be maintained.
viii)      Good quotations related to Books and Reading to be displayed in the Library.









Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
7. First Aid 1.Mrs.Baby2.Mrs.Baladivya



i)          To ensure First aid boxes re available at the entrance /reception.
ii)         To provide First-aid boxes in all the labs, HM’s room, Sports room.
iii)        To ensure the contents of the First-aid box are replenished at regular intervals and to check the expiry of

ointments/ medicines.









 Committee  Staff  Incharge & Members
8. Discipline 1.Mrs.Bala Divya2.Miss.SindujaAll Class Teachers 



i)          To monitor the discipline of students during assembly.
ii)         To check whether students are attending assembly or not.
iii)        To check the bags of higher class students at regular intervals to ensure that they do not bring mobiles &                        i-pods  to school.












 Committee  Staff  Incharge & Members
9. Uniform Checking & Late Comers 1.          Mr.Daniel2.          Mr.Stanley3.           Mrs.Bala Divya

4.           Miss.Sinthuja

All Class Teachers 



i)          To assign duties to the committee members to monitor the uniform of students & late comers.
ii)         To inform the parents about regular defaulters.
iii)        To maintain the details of defaulters in the register.
iv)        To announce the names of classes with minimum defaulters at the end of the week after

consolidation of data.
v)         To plan for corrective measures, through skit or talk during morning assembly.








Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
10. A.V Room, e-Classrooms  1.   Miss. Aribala2.   Miss. Salini



i)         To monitor the use of AV room as per AV room time table.
ii)        To ensure the AV room logbook is maintained.
iii)       To ensure Av room Timetable is displayed in the AV room as well as on the door outside.
iv)       To collect the e-lessons from teachers for all the subjects and to display the CDs in the AV room

for use by other teachers.
v)         A catalogue of CDs to be prepared.









 Committee  Staff  Incharge & Members
11. Furniture 1.  Mrs. Ganga2.Mrs.Archana 



i)         To ensure the furniture in each classroom is of uniform nature as far as possible.
ii)        To check whether any furniture requires repair & to bring it to the notice of the Furniture I/C.
iii)       To ensure that no furniture is lying in the corridors.
iv)       To ensure that any furniture taken for any function to be replaced in its proper place.












Committee Staff  Incharge & Members
12.Guidance and Counselling 1.Mrs.Jeyaseeli2.Mrs.Theresa




i)         To plan guidance & counselling activities for the academic year.
ii)        To maintain Guidance & counselling register.
iii)       To arrange talks by experts.
iv)       To have a counselling hour every Wednesday for difficult students of various classes.
v)         To invite alumni of the Vidyalaya for addressing the students about career options.








Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
13. Parent Teacher Association 1.      Mrs.Elizabeth2.      Mrs.Benila3.      Mrs.Petchiammal

4.      Miss.MariyaRooba Rani


i)         To intimate parents about PTA meetings.
ii)        To take the signature of parents attending the meeting.
iii)       To take Parents suggestion during PTA meetings.
iv)       To inform parents about the action taken.










Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
14. Display board
  1. Mrs.Bella
  2. Miss.Jeyanthi
  3. Miss.Sonu
  4. Mrs.Sarathy

All Class Teachers


i)         To ensure the display boards are decorated as per the topic given monthly basis.
ii)        The articles displayed should be verified by the teachers.










Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15.1 Club Activities Literary club

  1. Mrs.Subhangii.H(I/C)
  2. Mrs.Benila
  3. Mrs.Ganga
  4. Mrs.Teresa




i)         To plan activities for the academic year.
ii)        To conduct activities a per schedule
iii)       To decorate the display boards with self composed articles/ poems/stories of students.
iv)       To organise literary day.
v)         To arrange talk by any famous novelist or writer.

vi)       To organise Book Fair.
vii)      To introduce Books by popular writers during morning assembly.
viii)     To celebrate Reading Day.




Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15.2 Club Activities Nature Club

  1. Mrs.Vimaleshwary(I/C)
  2. Mrs.Babi
  3. Miss.Karlin
  4. Miss.Christina



i)         To plan the club activities.
ii)        To set up vermicompost pit.
iii)       To take up Projects for National Children Science Congress.














Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15. 3 Club Activities Social Club

  1. Mrs.Petchiammal(I/C)
  2. Mrs.Shubangi



i)         To arrange talks by experts.
ii)        To guide students to make Prize winning innovative Projects for Science exhibition.
iii)       To organise Science exhibition.
iv)       To conduct seminars on Science topics.
v)         To train students for Science Olympiad.












Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15. 4 Club Activities Maths Club

  1. Mrs.Suganya(I/C)
  2. Miss.Salini
  3. Mrs.Deepa
  4. Mrs.Ancy jeba



i)         To organise a Mathemagic show.
ii)        To invite experts in the subject from Maths Olympiad cell of IISc.





Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15. 5 Club Activities Photography Club

  1. Miss.Jeyanthi(I/C)
  2. Miss.Princy
  3. Miss.Martha
  4. Mrs.Mary
  5. Mrs.Celina




Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15. 6 Club Activities Art Club

  1. Miss.Sarathy(I/C)
  2. Mrs.Ceciliya




Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
15.7  Club Activities Integrity Club

  1. Mrs.Jeyaseeli(I/C)
  2. Miss.Maria
  3. Miss.Sonu
  4. Miss.Reena



Committee       Staff  Incharge & Members
16. Photos(Activities)
  1. Mrs.Jeena(I/C)
  2. Mrs.Princy
  3. Mrs.Esther
  4. Miss.Aruna